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Free Home survey Scheme is now available
The full premium solar system at 
36% Less

Valid until 25th April
Please choose an option below to Check if your postccode is eligible for our offer

Why our Free home survey scheme is good for you ?

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We skip the middleman and send our expert engineers straight to your doorstep for a free home survey and design consultation. By cutting out hefty sales representative discounts you save 25%

we assess if other installations are happening in your area. If so, you're eligible to join our exclusive group discount scheme, saving an extra 15% on transport and scaffolding costs.


With accurate measurements and optimised panel placement, we ensure maximum efficiency with fewer panels. This means an additional 15% discount for you, making our solar system more affordable than ever.

Request your offer now


Find out if solar is worth it for your home!
Are you a Homeowner ?

Did you know that we've got Group Discounts for Installations in Your Area? 

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What is Group Discount ?

Group discounts can save you a significant amount of money. They also make it easier to plan and organize your installation since we are already in your area. Take advantage of our group discounts! Save in advance for group bookings.

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